Important information about COVID19

Hi Everyone
We are young people from many countries living in Scotland and we want to help other young people. We want to share some very important information with you. The reason this is important is because it will stop the corona virus spreading. This can be very serious for many people. We want you to stay safe. You can go outside to exercise alone everyday. Now everyone in Scotland must only go outside their house or flat alone and NOT with other people . You MUST NOT go to the shops or anywhere outside with your friends or anybody else you know. You can get a fine from the police if you DON’T do this. You can go outside for exercise or to get food but you MUST do this alone and NOT stand close to anyone. If you have a cough or a fever you must stay inside for 7 days until you feel better. If you have any questions or are worried you can call your Social Worker or Guardian. You can get more information about the virus on the NHS website.

Good Luck


Welcome to Glasgow and Scotland

We are New Young Peers Scotland (NYPS). We are here to help other young unaccompanied young people, who are newly arrived in Glasgow and who will face the same challenges as we faced. We know life can be difficult for you, especially when you are alone in a new country. But things will get better and that is why we are here to help. We are giving you gifts in this bag, which will hopefully help you in starting your new life.

Good Luck


Help with sleep

Hi my dear friend, How are you? I want to talk to you about having problems with sleeping. We can feel the time you are in. But there is nothing to worry about. All of us have been through the same situation as you are in at the moment, trying to cope with how to go to sleep. But thankfully we got over it after a while. Obviously, it can be hard being far from your family and in a new place and everything is new and sometimes it all seems strange for you at the start. Maybe it is very hard to cope with this situation but my dear friend I promise you will be cool, fine, ok soon. Some things that may help you go to sleep are:

  • Try and read something
  • Listen to music
  • Join a gym and do some exercise
  • Take a hot shower or bath
  • Imagine a lovely place in your mind, a beach or a forest think about it and breath in and out slowly
  • Don’t drink fizzy drinks like Irn Bru or Coke or energy drinks like Red Bull
  • Don’t drink tea and coffee before you go to bed
  • Have a lovely sleep and sweet dreams!

Help with being lost

Hi how are you? I am here to help by telling you what you can do if you get lost in this city or any other area. At first everything looks the same but in time you will notice it doesn’t and you will begin to get to know places. You will get scared but people are friendly and can help you.

  • Always have your address with you.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers like police, social worker, guardian and friends.
  • Ask someone to help you by showing them your address.
  • Walk around by yourself and explore new places.

Help with living in a new place

Hi how are you? I want to talk to you about living in a new place. When you first come to a new place you will feel scared, empty and lonely. Because you are new and you don’t know anybody and you can’t go anywhere. You might feel lonely, bored and have no confidence. So it is a very hard time to go through. However, you don’t have to give up because there are people who care about you. You might feel lost and in such a dark place but it always takes time to see the light and we have been there so we know that you will see it too. Because Glasgow is a lovely city with friendly people. You have lots of opportunities here to progress and get a better life in many ways. You can go to college and learn English and make friends. You will have a house and you will be safe. Remember, everything will be fine.

Help with the weather

Hi how are you? I want to talk to you about the weather in Scotland. You might have some hard times to get used to the weather in Scotland. However, don’t worry I will give you some tips on how to get used to it quickly.

  1. You should always have a heavy coat and a good hoodie.
  2. You should also have some waterproof boots or shoes
  3. Umbrellas can be useful, unless it is really windy, but you will notice that most people don’t use them.
  4. There isn’t much sun here, so make the most of it when there is sunshine.
  5. Scotland is a place where you can have four seasons in one day, so make sure you are fully prepared and have everything you need in your backpack. Things like a hat, scarf, gloves are useful.
  6. Having many layers on is a good way to change between each season.

The weather can make you feel bad and very cold. You can feel like you don’t want to stay inside but it is important to try and go outside. You can do lots of activities running is a good way to keep fit and warm. You will get used to it – it just takes time.

Help with knowing who everyone is

Hi how are you? I am here to help you understand about all the new people that are in your life. They all have different jobs but they all want to help you be safe and have a good life here. First I am going to talk about your social worker.

A social worker is a person who helps you get somewhere to live. They will help you start the asylum process and they will also help you with money. They will give you money to buy things you need like food, clothes and shoes. They will give you a simple phone and you can save for a better phone. If you can save some money you can buy some luxury items like an adaptor, jewellery, hair dryer and cosmetics. They also help you get to college to learn English. They can help you join a gym or do sport if you want to. They can get an interpreter to make sure you can tell them what you need. They will work with you to make sure all your needs are met.

Your guardian will help you with legal support. They will go with you to legal appointments to lawyers and the Home Office. They will get interpreters so you understand everything that is happening. They can introduce you to other young people from your country and they organise meetings with other young people where you can go and have fun. They also organise trips outside Glasgow every year.

Your teachers, your teacher will teach you English. They can help you learn about living in Scotland and can help you with other things like getting a bus pass, planning what things you can do in the future. They will help and encourage you to do your best and you can talk to them about any problems you might have.

Your key worker/ support worker/ Assist .This person can help you where you live. You can ask them about nay problem you might have in your house like if your electricity stops. They can take you to appointments and shopping and you can talk to them about anything else you need.

Help with loneliness

Hi how are you? I am here to provide some guidance on how to cope with feeling lonely. Here are some things that might help you.

  1. Always try to stay busy by doing some of these things.
  2. Go for a walk in a park – it helps to be outside near nature.
  3. Do something you love e.g. cooking, going to the gym – whatever you enjoy.
  4. Listen to music.
  5. When you feel more confident you can volunteer somewhere like a charity shop.
  6. Talk to people and find a community, don’t be shy people are really nice and soon you will have new friends.

Help with big feelings

Hi, how are you? I am here to talk to you about how you can get help when you are having big feelings and may also be feeling helpless. When you feel like this you might not be able to sleep, eat or do anything, and maybe you don’t want to talk to anyone. You might feel scared and very sad. There are people who can help you with these big feelings. You might find it strange or feel scared of sharing your feelings, but it can help. There are people you can trust who will take care of your feelings and help you to talk about how you feel and give you a safe place to talk. Firstly, you can tell people you trust about how you are feeling.This could be your social worker, your guardian, your teacher or your key worker. They will help you to go to the right place. You might have to see a psychologist, a special doctor, or a counsellor. You will meet them maybe once a week or once a month. An interpreter can be with you to help you understand and you can say anything you want. They will listen to you and give you advice. Slowly things will get better and better.