Who are NYPS?

We have been active as a group since the 31st of May 2017. We are a group of young people from different countries aged 16-25. We meet every Tuesday from 4:30-6:00pm in Anniesland college where we discuss ideas on how to develop ourselves and help newly arrived young people in Scotland.

The group is partnered with Glasgow Clyde College where they all at some time studied ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Ypeople, and Glasgow Social Work Department. Together with support from these partners, this group has come together to create a peer-to-peer mentoring network which supports other young people who find themselves arriving alone in Glasgow and are unable to speak the language.

We have been involved in different competitions including poster making where we won over £2,000 from the Youth Bank which we invested in making a magazine and running an event that hosted over 100 people in Kinning park complex. Here we expanded our group by inviting other young people to join us. From this, We have been able to produce more educational movies that featured by group members. The look at different obstacles members have faced and we hope that providing this information would really be beneficial to other newly arrived young people in Scotland. NYPS film project

We have worked closely with different organisations and we have been awarded both Saltire Awards and Participatory Democracy Awards. We have produced various podcasts about a number of different subjects such as How to sleep better, How to deal with living in a new place. All of these are done in the 15 languages the group speak.

We are currently working on raising more awareness about the mental health problems young people face, and we holding a work shop in which we have invited people who work with young people at different levels.